An invitation to apply may be extended to persons descended from monarchs who can be verified in their lifetime as residents, or who were otherwise engaged in the Holy Lands regardless of the status of their monarchy at the time of occupancy.  Membership is open to eligible American citizens who are in support of the Constitution of the United States and the Order's Constitution and Bylaws. 

Life membership fee is $300.00. The Genealogist's fee for verifying applications for life membership is $75.00. The supplemental application fee is $50.00. The Genealogist's fee for verifying applications for supplemental applications is $40.00 for the original/same gateway as the original application, and $75.00 for supplemental applications for a new gateway. The genealogist's fee will not be refunded if the applicant is unable to supply satisfactory proof of lineage.

An application may be obtained by contacting the genealogist, James D. Partin at

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